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Vietnam — is a dynamically developing country in Southeast Asia and is located on the Indochina Peninsula. This state of the ancient Viet formed on the territory of southern China in the VII century BC. e. in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The history of Vietnam is very rich: many wars and occupation from both China and Japan. Only in the middle of the XX century it was proclaimed the independence of Vietnam and recognized by the international community. Now it is a young and rapidly developing country with an open economy in which tourism takes one of the leading sectors. Every year more than 6 million tourists visit the country, and every year the number of those wishing to visit the country increases. Visitors to our site the opportunity to take a virtual tour of Vietnam. It is here that you find a web camera Vietnamese online in real time, which will show you all the sights and cultural heritage of his people. Subscribe to our online web cameras Vietnam and enjoy this amazing country.

Climate and weather in Vietnam

Vietnam has an elongated shape and extends from north to south in a narrow strip. The distance between the extreme points north and south is 1750 km, with a coastline of 3260 km. The climate differs greatly between northern and southern Vietnam. The country is entirely in the tropics, its climate has a lot to do with the climate of Laos and Cambodia. For the country is characterized by high rainfall, high humidity, lots of sunny days.

Vietnam — one of the most disaster-prone countries. According to the UN in Viet Nam it includes five countries that climate change will affect the most. Due to its climate the country is at risk of floods, drought, salt water intrusion, landslides and flooding due to rising sea levels. Mekong Delta Region is suffering from erosion and the onset of the ocean to the land. From 2001 to 2010, on the elimination of consequences of natural disasters related to weather, it took 1.5% of GDP per year.

Vietnam is three-quarters of the mountains, so there except latitudinal zonation and vertical. The average annual temperature varies between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. Agree, the weather in Vietnam is conducive to tourism. The southern part of Vietnam is closer to the equator and therefore there is no marked change of seasons. However, North Vietnam is subject to shifts due to the monsoon season, bringing cold air from China.

Tourism in Vietnam

As I mentioned above — tourism in Vietnam, an important part of the Vietnamese economy. Most of the guests and active tourists come from the United States of China, Japan and South Korea. The country opens its doors to lovers of hiking, beach holidays, nature and learning the Vietnamese culture. More and more tour operators offer tours to get acquainted with the small peoples, hiking and biking tours, kayaking and more.

For those who do not surprise the charm of Paris and the Côte d’Azur Mediterranean Sea, resorts and attractions in Europe and America Vietnam opens new experience. The level of hospitality and service Vietnamese resorts are not inferior to the world, but the east puzzles attracts more and more tourists. First of all, it deserves the attention of nature. It is the nature of Vietnam is an invaluable recreational resource of the country. Besides contemplation of the shining mountains, aquamarine sea, vast rice fields, excellent mood tourists and travelers provide a warm and mild weather. Rest in Vietnam not empties wallets of tourists. Prices for tourism services in the country’s democratic and quality of the competition. Now in Vietnam, with its growing economy and tourism in particular, can be found not so much working webcam, but with open online broadcasts every year becomes more and more. We tried to find and connect new web cameras Vietnam and monitor the health of current. With the help of online web cameras, each of you will be able to assess the tourism potential of the country and enjoy its originality.

Hallmark Vietnam is considered to be food. In Vietnamese culture is not to store food in the refrigerator, so all natural and fresh. Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthy and tasty. Gourmets will certainly not remain indifferent. Pho soup, pancakes nem, springrolly soup lau — basic food for local inhabitants. A separate item worth seafood. In Vietnam, they are excellent and are sold at reasonable prices.

Vietnam Attractions

In Vietnam, a lot of different kinds of attractions, but most tourists go mainly for a beach holiday. In whatever part of the country you came to find the perfect hotel is not difficult. From small economical hotels to luxury five-star and all this on the first line.

If you go on a beach holiday, then of course the capital on a beach of Nha Trang in Vietnam. Nha Trang — Khanh Hoa is the capital of the province in central Vietnam and is located on the coast of the South China Sea. This is one of the most popular resorts in Vietnam among the Russian-speaking tourists. It is available for our visitors webcam Nha Trang online in real time, which will show the spa capital of the country in all its glory. Nha Trang as a resort began in the days of the emperors, and at a time when Vietnam was a French colony. His visit Ho Chi Minh City residents and tourists from around the world. Nha Trang Beach — city, and only small sections of the coast are privately owned. In the city, two mineral and mud springs and a mud bath. The most popular and beautiful beach of Nha Trang beach is considered Doclet. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Vietnam. If you want a paradise of pleasure, Bounty, clean calm sea and bright sand — you direct road to the Doclet!

Another resort capital of Vietnam is the city of Phan Thiet. Once there are US military bases, and now it is rapidly developing tourist and beach resort in the country. Online web camera Phan Thiet situated on the promenade and the beaches of the city, will show you the travelers and tourists. Amazing career and the history of the resort in Phan Thiet, which began recently. It arrived here hundreds of thousands of tourists to watch the total solar eclipse which was October 20, 1995. When people talk about rest in Phan Thiet are most often due to just a beach holiday. It was here that the famous central beach of Mui Ne online which broadcast video cameras around the clock.

For sophisticated guests invited Vietnam Phu Quoc Island — a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, as well as the eponymous island county Vietnam Kien Giang province. Phu Quoc — a once-paradise in the south of Vietnam edged white beaches and emerald jungles stryvayuschy depth has now become one of the most popular destinations for wealthy Europeans. Tourism on the island is developing by leaps and bounds and has already built an international airport.

In fact, interest in Vietnam are countless, we only told about the most popular resort areas of the country. See working webcams Vietnam and choose the resort that you like.



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