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USA (USA) in real time

United States — a country in North America, often referred to as the United States or simply America is the 4th on the government square in the world with a total area of ​​about 9.5 million square kilometers, after Russia, Canada and China. However, the US is the only superpower, recognized by the world community. In connection with its undisputed reputation as the leader of the majority of countries are trying to focus on it, and ordinary people have a great interest in America. A stay in the United States to carry out the dream of many but it will not at all. This is including the difficulty of obtaining a visa and the conditions of entry restrictions to the country. However, we can not physically visiting this large and developed countries to make a virtual journey using the online web cameras. On our site you will find the translation of US web cameras online in real time. Every day, our team checks the availability and quality of the signal from each web cameras and in the case of breakdowns promptly correct the problem.

The United States has a federal form of devices, administrative divided into 50 states and the District of Columbia; their control is also a number of island territories. Capital — the city of Washington. Residents of the United States called the Americans, and the US itself is the common name of America. United States border with Canada to the north, in the south — with Mexico, also have a maritime border with Russia. By the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean — from the east and the Arctic Ocean — from the north.

Go round the beautiful and modern cities in America want to not only foreign tourists but also by the Americans themselves. That is why tourism in the United States is one of the most profitable items of the federal budget, which brings more than 80 billion. Dollars a year. Often on tour around the country, even the Americans on trips use online web cameras to view the road, watching the traffic jams, and choosing a place of rest watching the area with the HD webcam with sound.

Climate and weather in the US

Since the United States occupies a huge area in North America (9.5 million km²), it contains almost all the climatic zones — from the Arctic climate in northern Alaska to tropical in Hawaii and southern Florida. The total temperature background throughout the country fairly evenly territory. The difference between the northern and southern states is almost negligible. The average summer temperature is around + 28 ° C, and in winter the average January temperature is around -2 ° C, however, such a balance quite often replaced by significant temperature fluctuations in relation to the free penetration of air masses from both the Arctic and tropical latitudes.

At any time, you can find a US region where rest would be comfortable in their weather conditions. The swimming season in the north and in the center of the Atlantic coast lasts from June to August-September. On the coast of Florida, you can swim all year round (average temperature of the water even in winter rarely drops below + 22 ° C), but in the period from July to September is hot enough (+ 36–39 ° C) and very high air humidity (up to 100%), and from June to November, frequent tropical storms.

Tourism in the US

Domestic tourism in the country is developed very well. Due to the fact that the US is in almost all climatic zones developed all areas of tourism and recreation. One of the main areas is the beach tourism, especially in the south-eastern United States in the area of ​​Florida, as well as in Hawaii. Here, in addition to a beach holiday it is perhaps the biggest amusement park is not just for kids, but for the whole family — Disneyland. Along the southeast coast of the United States are the most modern beaches in America, this is where concentrated webcam overlooking the beaches and the sea. Most web cameras located on the waterfront and broadcast video in HD format with sound.

As for the modern business tourism, the indisputable in the north-east of the country became the world’s largest centers of New York and Chicago. Here, every day there a variety of business conferences, international economic forums and congresses of leading economists and business world. In the same region is highly developed so-called ecotourism. Americans from all over the state come to the Great Lakes, not only to relax but also to educational purposes. Here you will find a huge number of working webcams online.

The State of California has become the center of tourism and sightseeing attractions. Here it is located the city of Los Angeles and the famous center of world cinema — Hollywood. With many webcams are available for viewing we can enjoy views of Mount Mount Lee labeled Hollywood and other attractions California. In the neighboring state of Nevada is the world center of the games and not the sleeping city of Las Vegas, which attracts tourists from around the world in search of fun and games. It focused, perhaps, the greatest number of web cameras in the US, allowing to observe the night life of the city. If you want to see the largest dormant volcano in the United States, then connect to the Web camera Wyoming here in Yellowstone National Park is the eponymous volcano. No less popular for tourists and online surfers is the famous Grand Canyon, where millions of tourists come every year.

Sightseeings of USA

United States — this is a great area and a developed country, and on its territory a great number of attractions, which can be listed and each of which deserves special attention. However, we will draw up a list of the TOP 10 US sites, which almost everyone knows.

1. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty — this is the greatest monument in the United States located on the island of his pricked Manhattan. This austere lady with a burning torch and Tablets — a symbol not only of New York, but the whole of America. Against the background of the monument photographed a huge number of tourists who traditionally becomes has become known around the world pose with outstretched arm. Webcam Statue of Liberty is working online and you can observe the magnificence of the monument.

2. Manhattan

Manhattan — central and historical center of New York. This is by far the most expensive and prestigious area of ​​the city. However, due to the high density of the elite high-rise buildings and a huge number of cars and people of Manhattan is the noisiest area of ​​the city. Manhattan can be found in numerous Hollywood movies. There made films of different genres, from fiction and horror to thrillers and romantic histories and comedies. Enjoy views of the Manhattan skyline with online web cameras on our website.

3. Times Square

If Manhattan is the center of New York, it is the famous Times Square — the heart of Manhattan. This place is also called «the great white way» and «the crossroads of the world." Here, the motion never ceases, and is one of the busiest places in the city.

4. Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore — this is the mountain on which are stamped reliefs four famous US presidents: Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. This symbol of America is located in South Dakota near the town of Keystone. The height of the reliefs reaches almost 19 meters. So you can watch the presidents from afar and with the help of a web camera.

5. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls), or as it is called Niagara is a nature reserve. Sam Falls is actually a complex of three waterfalls on the Niagara River, which separates the US state of New York from Canadian province of Ontario. Niagara Falls — a waterfall «Horseshoe», sometimes also called the Canadian Falls, American Falls and Falls «Fata». Although the height difference is not very large and waterfalls are very wide, and the volume of water passing through it. Niagara Falls — the most powerful in North America.

6. Yellowstone

Yellowstone (Yellowstone National Park) — is a national park in the US, which covers a huge area and is located on the territory of three states: Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. The park is famous for the numerous geysers and other geothermal sites, rich wildlife, beautiful landscapes. Yellowstone National Park is one of the most visited in the United States. Since the 1960s, it is visited annually by not less than two million tourists.

7. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon) or the Grand Canyon is the deepest in the world with a maximum depth of 1800 m is located on the Colorado Plateau, Arizona. This geological cut by the Colorado River National Park. It is a miracle of nature, breathtaking even the most seasoned travelers. Canyon length of 446 km and its width varies from 6 to 29 km. Every year, The Grand Canyon attracts more than 4 million people. Among the popular tourist rafting on the Colorado River on inflatable rafts.

8. Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame — a famous corner in Los Angeles, which annually attracts more than 10 million tourists and fans of Hollywood stars to see the imprints of their hands left on the sidewalk. More than 2500 celebrity perpetuated his fame as the star here — it’s recognition for excellence in American culture. Watch people on the Walk of Fame is possible through online web cameras.

9. The White House

The White House — is the official residence of the leader of the American people, and needs no introduction. This symbol is synonymous with power and was built in 1800 in strict Palladian style and is located in Washington (DC). Thus, this was the official residence of the workplace all presidents except George Washington, who had no time to «live» in the White House. This facility is under heavy guard and shooting is prohibited.

10. Pentagon

Pentagon — the official building of the Ministry of Defense. Its name comes from the Greek and means «pentagon». Actually the very architecture of the building is in the shape of a pentagon. The building is located Pentagon in Virginia. This facility is equipped with modern means of protection and the shooting and especially broadcasting with webcams are strictly prohibited.

If you have interest in America and would like to know about it as much as possible, this will help you web cameras located throughout the country. You can also watch webcam world on our site.



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